La Fille d’o in het modemuseum Hasselt

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Murielle Scherre from la fille d’o made her way to Hasselt, to give an interview on stage at the Mode museum Hasselt

She is an artist, a poet, a designer, a thinker, an entrepreneur. Check out her website, her art @aultre_ne_veulx_estre .

Support the change makers, support the entrepreneurs who are actually trying to make a difference and make a living. .

The journalist was wearing some cool glasses.

She had many questions regarding the shadowban, that is happening all over Instagram.

Only one very specific pornographic lens on the female body is allowed by Instagram. A more progressive, for example bushy lens is not allowed. Removed and even hidden.

The designer explained her design process and her view on sustainability. She jokingly mentioned “there is Fast Fashion, Slow Fashion and then there is hers, Geriatric Fashion “ the designprocess takes as much time as it needs. Sometimes a couple of years. To counter the slowness of the designproces, she uses photography as a creative therapy. Everything is designed and manufactured in Belgium. .

Her next project is in the works, a collaboration with z33.

They are also collaborating with Bewel, which is a local sheltered factory. Check out their story in their website. 

social media links : @murielle_victorine_scherre 

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